Everything you desire comes from money,
When YOU control it.

I know about Money!


Why, How and When

to do the Financial Planning?


What is Importance

of Financial Planning?


Know your

life-time worth at current status.


Difference between

Asset and Liability.


Seven Compartmental

methods for Money Management.


How to keep

accelerating and be secure after retirement?

About Me

I’m Sandeep Gupta.
I Help People in understanding the power of money!

Sandeep Gupta is one of the best coaches you need to bring your life on track and free yourself from the cage of Money! He believes in spreading awesomeness in your life through his Path-Breaking Techniques in Success Strategy, wealth management, spiritual laws of money, and much needed financial advice. His work is embraced by all his students and webinar participants belonging from different parts of the country.

Meet, SANDEEP GUPTA, a Wealth Accelerator Coach. He teaches how one can accelerate wealth by decreasing the liability and boosting the revenue. He has 12 years of experience in banking and financial Industry. Immense work expertise in wholesale, corporate banking, personal finance as well as wealth management. He is an avid reader, Toastmaster International member and hold key positions in many business platforms.

He has created an easy step-by-step proven method to optimize your wealth in his ‘Wealth Accelerator Blueprint’.

In this era of money controlling our lives, he is providing help and teaching how to control your money and enjoy your life to the fullest. He quoted “my goal is not to be better than anyone else but to be better than who I used to be” adding to which he said his purpose is to make you realize that pulling someone down will never help you reach the top.

He love to talk about the Spiritual Laws of money that is, the affirmation and manifestation, you do subconsciously; How the universe can help you to grow the wealth. Magic might not be real but the power of soul is, indeed.

He is not a mentor but a stepping stone for everyone who accept him as a teacher.

Accept who you are; unless you are a serial killer!

What My Students Say