Lost your shoes?

Have You lost your Shoes Just before Appearing an interview?

It was March 2007, I got a Call, You have applied for a job and for an interview you need to go to Delhi. I was excited but nervous as well how to go and Crack that interview. I was knowing nothing, as a 21 years kid who has not seen the world who comes from a Small town and whose whole family has been involved in some of the Business. No one in professional Lifelike Jobs, What we know was what to buy and sell- and how to run that set up Brilliantly.

Business was in my gene, maybe the kind of background I had. I was enterprenure at a very young age When I was just copying the songs for Rs 1 per song, Side A and B type Era in 1995–2000. When CD or DVD was not Prominent. I have always been excited to give value even small to the people. Where That Entrepreneurship got fade away I didn’t realize that.

Going back to interview story, I was ready to travel to Delhi, Traveled to Sleeper class, As I reached Delhi by listening to Voice of Tea Sellers Chai Chai, I started finding my Shoes, My shoes were stolen. Oh my God, Its interview morning at 9 AM, and I am barefoot for an interview. none of the shop was open, What to do now, Attend the interview without shoes. or leave the interview. No idea what to do in this unknown city.

Just found one cobbler sitting outside of Railway station, I asked him What he can do in this situation. Unfortunately he was not having an answer. He ran towards to a couple of other fellow cobblers and found a perfect size polished shoes for me. I was elated, thrilled, and excited- Mera Din Accha Hai ( My day is good today). I said thank you and paid the money for that Precious shoes.

I went directly to the interview venue, Appeared there, Not able to speak English very well, Something They saw in me and I GOT HIRED !!!

That was my first Job for Rs 7500/- PM in 2007, It was good beyond my talent, To train people older than me How to sell Insurance, Even I was not knowing much At the age of 21 You became Trainer .. hahaha, but that’s what future brings to you, If you don’t know learn and teach. One of the most valuable lessons I learned there of my life, Different people, Different locations, I was excited about everything to explore more to experiment more to learn more. One of the best days of my corporate career of 12 years now.

There was no looking back from there, Changed cities, changed professions, changed companies, and Ultimately to myself as well. I was seeing growth in Change and change for better and beautiful. I was ready to learn and change. One thing I never stopped till now That’s Educating myself. Today I educate myself not for degree or certificate but to improve, to contribute to explore what more can be done. Here is my new avatar Explore Change and Grow. that’s way forward.

Have you lost your shoes before just appearing to interview? Have You faced the embarrassing moment in your life? Have you educated Yourself beyond degrees and certificates? Share your unique stories for your life. Believe me Your story has the power to inspire the world.

With Love and Regards