My Life Story

My Life Story- who has given Pink slip to himself

It Was the year 2009, location 4th floor, Sriram Towers, HazratGanj Lucknow.

I was working with SBI cards, Training my team, My phone rang, the person on another side from Delhi my boss -Says Sandeep We are winding up Lucknow Location operations with immediate effect, and Your contribution is no longer required in the organization as Global market is not doing good.

I was shocked. I started questioning the existence of me and my team to whom I have trained since the last six Months how to Sell Credit cards for SBI to HNIs and Top-grade Buerocrats. Everything was set to meet the targets.

It was not only me but the Team of 15 people who were dependent. I started arguing and fighting with my boss. But nothing happened.

I was asked to speak with everyone and inform them you have been Fired. Most Difficult thing to do.

I spoke with a heavy heart to everyone informing We don’t exist now in this esteemed company which You have been serving for years.

Handed Over Final Settlement Letter to everyone, thinking that just 2 hours back I was motivating them for target and talking big things about our Future.

What changed suddenly. With one of the toughest Communication I had in the last decade, and said Goodbye to all with sadness, thinking about what will happen to all family members who were dependent on this income.

Helplessly I moved and feeling like nothing is in my control even I have pure intentions.

I handed over the final settlement letter to myself as well.

Suddenly Phone rang again, It was my boss, asked me that everything has done. I said yes.

She continued, Sandeep I have an offer for you if you can relocate to Delhi with the same salary and profile I can retain You or else You can leave as well. I argued no this is not possible and all challenges which may come in the way when I may relocate to Delhi. From state capital to Country Captial.

She said Something Very Profound and I never Forget those Golden Words.

“Sandeep Use This As a platform to excel in the career” and I accepted it.

Yes I struggled a few months but I was hopeful that this opportunity can help me to grow.

Yes it did. From there I never looked back and I excelled every platform I got and served. Life, never has been the same since then. I kept on moving ahead from Delhi to Bangalore To Hyderabad to Bangalore and other overseas locations.

There is too much in life. Something may go wrong but what matters what do you do in times of crisis. Believe in yourself and move on. You grow In times of crisis. When You accept this as an opportunity to grow, You Grow.

If you resonate with my Life Story Share Yours As well.

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