Yes !!! It was Tough

Yes !!! It was Tough but It was was meant to be Tough — Life at 8×5 Sqr feet Room at 45 degrees Temperature.

It was the year 2001, Journey Started after High School, A lot of aspiration, glow in the eyes and courage in the Heart !!! yes, It’s my favorite place on Planet Called Lucknow. What a 15 years old kid wants to get the freedom to live alone what he wants. But wait This is where Character is being built when No one is watching You. Watch yourself.

Lived life in a storeroom of dimensions of 8×5 Sqr Feet on the 3rd floor for more than 3 years where you can sleep comfortably and cook food for yourself in an inbuilt kitchen of 2X2 Sqr Feet at 45–50 degrees temperature. People have been very generous to me in this Life They always supported in whatever manner They could do. Parents and Siblings have been my relentless support in Journey I covered Till now. I have been blessed with all of them. God Has been Always kind enough to me They have sent Angles in my Life. May be In the form of my mother Who took care of me in my entire journey, Teacher who has given his share of food continuously for 2 years before having Lunch himself, Great Friends who gave me space and food in their home while we did home study. Relentless support From those who fed me Chole Bhature at Rs 5 per plate as Lunch for years on credit.

It was a journey of 16 hours Every day. I taught kids not because of money but I wanted to have a meal of their Home. And People loved to fed me Because they were seeing me as a dedicated kid away from home on his own and allow me to sit at home and let him watch World Cup 2003 so that their kids can learn something from me. Yes It was tough But a lot of fun, because you are living with Wonderful and supportive people. Really Blessed.

Yes It was the journey of my Study in Pioneer Montessori School Rakabganj Lucknow. When I Lookback What I have created a lot of Friends and Blessing of their Parents. My Relatives always Have been with me in every Part of Life Cant even Thank Enough. When you go on Sunday to meet them they know better than you why did you come today. Surprisingly that’s battery Recharge for the Week. Sometimes I feel it was really Tough When Today I think Yes it was tough but it was meant to be tough.

How do you feel when You eat 2 days stale Roti rolled in some paper thrown away in some part of almirah prepared by Your lovely mom 100 km away from this place With Samosa and it’s Aloo and Chatni, You Feel Why it is happening to me, You question your relevance in doing so, But it is worth it? Today when I think Yes it was Tough and It was meant to be tough. That’s where unwavering Character was made.

When you wake up before your landlord wakes up so that you can read the newspaper which right now you can’t afford and put newspaper in the same place as it is. I feel today What I did but then I ponder it was meant to be done like that so that I can value what I have Today.

When You Go to your friends home for late-night study and have fun and use their books knowing why you came and they noticed and they forgive you by saying, my friend Chalo padte hai , you learn a life long skill called managing resources optimally, Which even TAPMI one of the Premier B-School could not teach me.

This is the Story of many of us Who come from small town with Big Dreams, Some of them lose themselves in Dreams itself but some Work For their dreams. Some Lose in Shiny Objects of Big cities but some be Mature enough to understand why they are here. Some crib, Cry and Complain and some make their future on that. Some go for instant Gratification and some for delayed Gratification.

But What Was at stake for me. It was the Pride of Parents, Family members, Relatives, Society at large, teachers, Gurus, and all stakeholders who contributed and touched any part of my life, That was at stake, I was a small part of Big Game. I Proudly acknowledge I played that game well and make them proud. Returned the greatest return on their investment made on me by including All Real Heros of my Life. I am the Result But They were the cause.

Yes !!! It was Tough but It was was meant to be Tough …..

If You Resonate with my true Life story Comment below, many of you were a part of my Journey Really Grateful.

With Love and deep Regards